Am I a bad Dad?

Ok, here is the story. I’m a seperated dad who sees his kids every other weekend. Around 1 year ago I let my son play Rainbow Six Seige on my gaming PC where I live. He has now fallen in love with it. He loves unlocking new operators putting little peek holes and is AMAZING at the game. Once he roamed outside and snuck up behind the enemy team and knifed all of them and got accused of hacking! Anyway, to cut a long story short, he loves the competitive nature of the game and follows it on YouTube and has recently seen the new operators and unlocked caveira. He loves the game!

Anyway fast forward one year to now. Over the last two days I had an early Christmas around my mates house whilst Cat sitting his house while he was away with his wife. We had Christmas dinner and everything. My 13 YO girl and my 11 YO boy were there and they played Chubby Brussels with the sprouts, it was fun. They both got multiple presents of which one was an XBOX 1 with rainbow six seige for my son (my ex said I couldn’t get him a gaming PC because they didn’t have the room. That’s another story).

We spend several hours setting up the game and his own UPLAY account after his sister went home. She’s 13 and doesn’t like sleeping over anywhere but home. Anyway he played the game until around 11pm and he slowly got used to the controls and started to unlock more operators. He was loving it having his own copy of Rainbow 6 Seige to take home.

The time came for him to go home as his sister had already gone but he just wanted a few more games of rainbow six seige of which by now he was getting MVP on multiple games be loves the competitive team play of the game.

So anyway. This is were is all goes wrong, I get him home and the first thing is his little step brother says to him is you are only allowed to play the 12 games not the 18 games. I found out that older 13 yo sister had told on him to his mother who is a teacher. I had some argument with her about how much he loves the game and it’s more about competition than violence and how I thought he was emotionally mature enough to play and she went on about the usual mother armuments and added teacher ones to boot. He was so upset and was crying that he couldn’t play his favourite game and even offered to give me the XBOX 1 back. We were both very upset. In the end I gave up arguing and felt really bad that I had done this to him.

I think I’m a dick for not thinking about the fact he shares a room with a 6 YO step brother and The fact that I didn’t ask his mam if he could have an 18 YO game in the house. In fact I got him 3 18 yo games and one U game FIFA 16 which he already had for the 360. Anyway the light at the end of the tunnel is he might be able to play overwatch as it’s a 13+ but his go to game will always be Rainbow 6 Seige when he comes to see me. Anyway I feel I have failed as a Dad for bringing up so high then setting up for an upsetting fall 😦 I just wish things different I’m sure he doesn’t get effected by the violence and just sees what most of us see a fun competitive shooter. I hate age ratings and I don’t see any difference between the violence overwatch and the volence of seige apart from the blood and that its more realisitic. Has anyone else had a simlar experience to me? Have I failed as a dad 😦 feelsbadman