So You Wanna Be a You Tuber?

Have you got what it takes?


The question really is; Do you have what it takes to be a You Tuber?

The time is 0048 and here I am lying in bed alone, typing my first blog post on my Sumsung Galaxy S7 mobile phone after a long editing session on Sony Movie Studio. My PC is still rendering my latest creation and I can hear it’s internal fan cooling it’s insides quietly and although the screens are turned off I can see little standby lights telling me my machine is waiting for me any time I want to be creative.

Although my YouTube channel is over 7 years old today marks the one year anniversary of when I actively started making You Tube videos. I have only 156 subscribers of which I am very grateful. I won’t lie, I was expecting a few more by now but still I am not disheartened and will carry on producing content until I reach my dream. I know why my channel hasn’t grow as I had wish. It is because my content needs more Polish and Consistency and I need to learn to relax more and content more easily I think with my viewers.

The reason I make You Tube videos is I love to entertain people, be entertained and be creative. YouTube scratches all those itches for me so it’s my hobby and I love it.

I am a father of 2 gorgeous kids and going through my second divorce and attempting my second military career so along with my long distance Girl friend I have a busy yet fulfilled life and sometimes struggle to fit in my hobby as much as I would like.

Let’s talk about my dream. Likes hundreds and thousands of others my dream is that I want to make You Tube PC gaming and live streaming  content creation my  full time job and career. It is something I love so I have taught myself SO much over the last year and yet I am still learning new setup information and editing techniques every day.

I will use this Blog to bring you on a Journey of 256 to 1000000 subscribers before 2025 when I will be 48 and hope to have left my military career and be fully financially independent and have a formidable online presence.

Hard work and more hard work passion and lots of patience is all you need to be a You Tubers. Knowledge is also key!

Thanks for reading now I must get some sleep as I’m taking my little boy to football tomorrow. He’s a goal keeper.

Have a nice day!